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Hello and thank you for visiting me. And I wonder if you are here because you have recognised the need to make a change. A change in your personal life, relationship, business-whatever.  The important thing is that you are here and curious...and that's exciting.  I am a life and business coach and I work with people who also recognise that need. Coaching originated in the world of sport where experts in the field worked with team and individuals in order for them to be the best they can be; now its used in many areas of life with people seeking their unique personal excellence. Seeking to find a way of being and living that is entirely honest and genuine with who they are. And I travel with you on that journey of exploration.  Ready to start?


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Going naked into the land of uncertainty can be challenging but we are all travelers in this world and the best we can do is travel with an honest companion

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Your Greatest Self.


Gosh! What exciting and challenging times we are living in. Exciting because things are changing so quickly and change is always good. If things are changing we can slip our own changes into the mix.  If things are static, stagnant or fixed trying to instigate change can be real struggle.

And then we have personal pressures. Pressures to conform, fit in, be accepted, be popular. 

Yet you know the story of the fish that was told it was rubbish because it couldn't  climb a tree. If the fish works hard at being a tree-climbing fish, who is working hard at being the beautiful, graceful free-swimming fish?

You see, often, the hardest battle you can fight is to be yourself in a world that is doing its best, 24/7, to make you like someone else.


Lisa Brice:   I have worked with Trevor for a number of years on various projects. I have always found him to be the ultimate professional. He is credible, authentic and dynamic. I love his enthusiasm and pragmatic approach to consulting. He is an expert in his field.


Trev Horne - Personal and business coach

stop talking

Often the way to find out what it is you want is to go ahead and do something. Action may not always result in the intended outcome but there can be no outcome without action.

The thing you really believe in is the thing that always happens; it's belief in the thing that makes it happen.

If you feel the deep need for change, have the faith and belief that you can change but have no clear vision of the outcome or no idea of the next step then your doubts and disbeliefs are talking too much.




Lorraine Hirst: A person of great integrity, humility and humour, Trevor's coaching skills are top notch. With experience and skills in conflict management and transitions of various kinds, his leadership and consultancy skills are an asset to any organisation or individual. Highly recommended. 

Jon Price: Trevor helped myself and my Brother when setting up our social enterprise. Trevor was more than just a mentor for us and we can't thank him enough. Our sessions with him were always inspiring, honest, motivational and a catalyst for change within our company. 

Trevor really knows what he is talking about, he pushes you when you need it and is always kind and sensitive. I can't recommend Trevor enough!





If you were born a jackdaw why should you be an owl? If you were born an eagle to soar in the morning why would you want to hoot with the owls at night?

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